Sye Allen Sye Allen

In 2019 I had the pleasure of creating this little spot for UK TV.

Batiste's "20 Second Salon"

It was shot through Burning Reel, and agency The Corner. There was a quick turn around with a challenging budget, but I was determined to squeeze as much life into the 20" as I could, embracing wipes and picture in picture to get through the action. There's even a cheeky contra-zoom in there.  The shoot was so much fun, and for me, getting the girls to nail those tight moments of synced choreography really brought the whole thing to life. 

Director: Sye Allen
Production Company@ Burning Reel
Producer: Mike Heath
Executive Producer: Joe Elliot
DOP: Tony Miller
Editor: Hugo Vaughan-Hughes
Agency: The Corner
Studio: Alva East